Our technical management team specializes in the on-board inspections, arrangements for the upkeep of the yacht, supervision of dry dockage, repairs, alterations and general maintenance, class renewals as well as management of spare parts.

Our operations management team ensures that the yacht complies with the laws of the flag state and the classification society, scheduling, organization of transit including security arrangement, sea trial programs, harbor, berthing and agent arrangements as well as policy management.

Our crew management assists in the crew structure proposal, arranging the setup with the crew manager, crew recruiting & employment, payroll services, crew certificate monitoring, crew training and crew travel.

Our Accounting services assist in the setup of customized accounting system, payment services, monthly reports and records, budgeting as well as the maintenance of records.

Our procurement services specialize in the procurement and shipping of general yacht supply, spare parts & services, MGO, fuel, lubricants etc.

Our insurance services assist in the arrangement of hull & machinery, protection & indemnity and war risk insurance, setup of crew health insurance in cooperation with the crew manager and claims handling.

Our interior service team assists in the upkeep of interior-relevant items and areas, interior training documentation, inspections and reporting.